Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.14

This is a few of my favorite things that are currently on my wish list.
Cricut - I want a cricut so flipping badly! I would love to have a place to set it up and leave it and use it all the time. I would love to have a "craft" room. But alas, I do not. I probably will not as long as I live in this house (unless I want to put a table up in the garage!). This is the biggest thing keeping me from wanting a Cricut Expression, because it's larger. But it's not so large and difficult that it couldn't be used. Knowing me, it will take up semi-permanent residence in the dining room. I just have so many ideas I want to try!
All current episodes of "Private Practice" - I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy. And I've seen just enough of Private Practice to know I want them all so I can get caught up. I can watch and generally keep up at this point (if I remember to watch!) but I want to get all the details. Plus, it'll be a good distraction during the next long car ride!

Miss Julia Books - More specifically, the kindle downloads. They are supposed to be very good. I know they got passed around my family at one point but I had so much other stuff I was reading at the time I never got a turn with them and now have no idea where they are. I need more giggles.
A Limo Ride - I've never ever ridden in a limo. I didn't have enough friends to get one for senior prom and it wasn't practical to get one for the wedding. I just want to do it to say I've done it. I think it would be fun.

A trip to Italy and the Vatican - This is my absolute dream vacation. I'm a dork I love history, especially religious history. I love old churches steeped in ritual and heritage. And even though I'm not Catholic, I do appreciate and respect the Vatican as being very influential to me and my faith as the "mother church".
Dinner at Shula's - Jeff swears that Shula's is better than Ruth's Chris. I want to find out for myself. I have had some of the leftovers before and really enjoyed it. Plus, it's been a long time since I had an excuse to get all dressed up and go out.

China Cabinet - I found a lovely china cabinet I would love to have the last time we were at this place called "Southeastern Salvage". It's expensive, but so worth it. That's the only piece of furniture I would really love and don't have! I looked and looked but couldn't find a picture of anything quite like it. I wish I'd thought to take a picture with my phone while we were at the store.
Ice Cream - I always want ice cream

What are a few of your favorite things you would love to have in your life?

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