Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Six

I have recently started attempting to follow a pretty cool networked blog called RevGalBlogPals. Does the name give away the subject matter? It's pretty cool for resources and whatnot. I'm not technically a member yet so I can't officially post anything, but they always do some neat stuff. One thing is what they call the Friday Five where five questions are posed about a topic that may or may not be directly related to church stuff. But because I am a slacker and it's Saturday (and really there were six questions this week) I'm going to do the Saturday Six. Please feel free to answer these questions about yourself in the comments. Today's topic has to do with packing for a trip.

1) Some fold, some roll and some simply fling into the bag. What's your technique for packing clothes?
I use a combination of folding and rolling, depending on the item, the size of the bag, and where in the bag I want the item to go. Pants are generally folded, t-shirts rolled, and undergarments stuffed!

2) The tight regulations about carrying liquids on planes makes packing complicated. What might we find in your quart-size bag? Ever lose a liquid that was too big?
I don't do a whole lot of primping, so my quart sized bag usually has at least a little room to spare. It sounds like a lot but it really isn't - shampoo and shower gel or 3-in-1 bath gel; mascara and lip gloss; toothpaste; deodorant; contact solution. That's pretty much it for my liquids. Because I have room I always carry my razor blade and extra handle, toothbrush, contact case, advil, wide toothed comb, hair bands, and a pen or two in my little bag. If I remember I throw in my makeup remover wipes, but seeing as how I rarely wear makeup it's not a great loss when those aren't there.

No, I have never lost a liquid that was too big. I make sure I check everything very carefully. Plus, I don't fly all that often and I keep my travel bag packed and ready to go all the time so I rarely have to even think about what's in it!

3) What's something you can't imagine leaving at home?
I always bring a long sleeve shirt or sweater, even in the summer. I'd rather have a really cold room and have to put on sleeves than to be hot. I also can't stand to be without pens and a notebook.

4) Do you have a bag with wheels?
I do have several bags on wheels. I generally have to be gone more than a week to justify carrying any of them.

5) What's your favorite reading material for a non-driving trip (plane, train, bus, ship)?
I have a variety of things on my kindle, but my favorites are entertaining stories that really don't require me to think too much. Janet Evanovich is my favorite author right now, but as long as I have a lot of whatever it is, I'm pretty happy.

6) But won't I be sorry if I don't bring _______________?
I am generally sorry if I don't have extra clean underwear. I'm not just talking enough for the trip, but I always want to have at least one extra!

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