Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Re-Cap

Yes, I have been MIA for a while, and I'm sorry about that. I still have a backlog of cute things that I expected to get shared pre-Christmas that I still want to share, so we may be observing a REAL 12 days of Christmas around here!

Let me quickly re-cap the last week:

Saturday (the 18th) Jeff's family from the Huntsville area came down here to celebrate with us. We had more folks than we originally thought we would, but it was great fun and we enjoyed it. I got so caught up in trying to get everything prepped and cooked that I didn't take pictures of anything! But it all went well and when I eventually do it all again, I will certainly share photos!

Sunday (the 19th) some of Jeff's family stayed over and went to church with us to see the choir program. Everyone did a great job (especially my sweet hubby!) We went to lunch at Silvertron Cafe afterwards, which is always good (especially on Sunday brunch!) but I was sick as a dog and couldn't really enjoy it. By that night I was flipping miserable, but had to be on call at the hospital overnight. I didn't sleep at all, not because I was busy, but because I was just so sick. Not a good night.

Monday (the 20th) one of my co-workers carried the on-call pager for my last two hours so I could come home, take medicine, and sleep. And that's exactly what I did. I didn't stop for breakfast, did not pass go, did not collect $200. I just came home and took some Sudafed cold and sinus nighttime stuff and slept for most of the day. When Jeff got home, we went and got our iPhones (which ended up being a long and miserable process in which I seriously considered napping in the floor of the store, I was that pathetic!) I was still kind of feverish and miserable at 9pm when I was ready for bed, so I sent an e-mail to my supervisor at the hospital and took a sick day for Tuesday. No sooner had I hit "send" that we got a phone call telling us Jeff's grandfather had died. We knew it was coming, but it was still hard news to hear. Jeff went over to spend the night with his grandmother.

Tuesday (the 21st) I started in on another day of medicine and sleeping while Jeff helped his family with funeral preparations and all that unfortunately has to be done after someone dies. Then I got a call from my little brother asking me to come home because my dad took a surprising turn that morning and was no longer able to use his legs at all! It was definitely a scary thing for everyone, so I went home to be with them while Jeff was with his family. Jeff came up to see us that night.

Wednesday (the 22nd) was visitation for Jeff's grandfather, so we came back to Birmingham for that. It was definitely sad, but it was nice to get to see the family and meet some of Jeff's family friends that I had heard about for years but never met! We came home and had our Christmas here with just us. I got a SodaStream machine, an immersion blender, and a really nice bath pillow. I got Jeff a dock for his new iPhone that plugs into the tv so we can watch movies (part of the reason we HAD to get them Monday), a vest set to go with his tux, a pipe lighter, a small pocket knife, and a few other odds and ends.

Thursday (the 23rd) was the funeral. It was a nice service, but still very sad. Papa was a mason, so the people from his lodge came and did a ritual which was neat to see. Again, it was nice to see some folks and get to catch up, but I wish it hadn't had to be that way! After we stopped for fried chicken (Jeff's post-funeral ritual) we stopped by and saw folks at his grandmother's, then headed on back to Cullman to begin our grand Christmas tour! Somewhere in here the charger for my laptop completely died. I was not a fan.

Friday (the 24th) we did "Christmas morning" with my family. Jeff's big present was a helicopter he flies with his iPhone (the other reason he had to get it early!) that has some cameras on it so he could check the gutters and whatnot. It's pretty cool. He also got the Star Trek movies and some other little things. I got a bunch of new work clothes and a new stole made by my friend Jacquie from divinity school. Stay tuned for more on that! We left late afternoon so Jeff could take his grandmother to church for the communion service and go to their family Christmas eve party and so that I could go to my church and do the communion service. It was nice. I had intended to stop by his family Christmas Eve party after I got done, but ended up just going to his mother's. We spent the night there and did most of our Christmas that night. I got a new outfit and some little things.

Saturday (the 25th) I got my "big" present from his family, which is a Cricut! I'm very excited about trying it out. Then I had to go to work at the hospital. It was a pretty quiet day, but I did have some stuff to keep me busy. It was a white Christmas! It actually stuck in Remlap and Cullman, so I got to see lots of pictures. Unfortunately, as hard as it was coming down for most of the day, it just didn't stick around the hospital. Still, I took a few free minutes and went to a nice window with a good view on the 9th floor to watch for a while. I got the best gift after I got home, which was sleeping in my very own bed!

Sunday (the 26th) I had to do my regular church service, then we went BACK to Cullman to see my extended family from Montgomery and Ohio. Always fun times when we all get together. We got a beautiful sign that says "The Herren Family: Established 2009", a beautiful, fluffy down blanket (perfect for napping on the couch!), and all kinds of great things from my aunt including gift cards for places at the hospital, candy and treats, and the Stieg Laarson books on CD (so they will eventually make their way to my iPod!)

Today (the 27th) I am home sweet home! I am doing laundry, re-organizing the kitchen, unpacking, and returning the car chargers for our iPhones, and getting a new charger for my laptop. I really need to be writing and working on stuff for work, but that may just have to wait until tomorrow when I'm actually back at work!

So now, tell me about your holiday!

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