Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Five - New Year's Eve

Today's Friday Five invites us to think about the year we are leaving behind and the year that is yet to come. Not so much in the sense of making resolutions, but rather to consider blessings of the past and hopes for the future.

So let's start off with remembering the blessings of 2010...

Time with Family - I think I have spent more time with my family in the past year than probably in the three to five previous years combined. It's helped to be closer to home and to have a much wider circle of folks that I can call family now, but I wouldn't trade all that time for anything. Those are some fantastic memories that I will cherish forever!

Making new friends - We have gotten to know some of our neighbors, which has been great. I have met some new people that have grown to be more than colleagues, and gotten to know some old acquaintances even better. It's all been absolutely fantastic!

CPE - This has been a blessing in so many ways! The extra income has been great, the educational part is feeding my soul in ways I didn't even know were hungry, and the relationships are more than I could have ever dreamed of at this point!

New Resources - This is also personal and professional. I've found some great new books, wonderful new conversation partners, and a wealth of information that I never even knew I needed or wanted. I love having new places to turn for ideas and inspiration in all aspects of my life!

Taking Risks - I've tried a lot of new things this year. All have had some sort of pay-off, whether it was what I was expecting or thought I wanted or not. Some have resulted in lots of growing pains and "learning experiences", but all have ultimately helped me get to this moment, so they have been blessings in that way!

And my hopes for the coming year...

Continued Creativity - I have recently re-discovered a more creative aspect of my self, and I am looking forward to expressing that more in the year to come!

Intentional Self-Care - the closest thing I'm making to a resolution this year is more of a commitment to myself that I will be intentional about doing at least one thing for myself every single week. It may be a little something or a big something, but I am determined to do this!

More Laughter - Life is serious enough. The work I do is tough. There is pressure everywhere. I need to laugh more often!

Learn to make Key Lime Pie - I'm working on it, but I'm hoping to master it sooner than later!

Finish the House Projects - Yes, we've been here a little over a year now, and I know that really you're never "done" with stuff when you own a home, but I want to get all the furniture to its permanent home (including finding a china cabinet for the dining room!), finish the basement room so we can use it for more than storage, and replace the gosh-awful oven with one that heats consistently and correctly! Anything else (like replacing the windows) would be great, but not essential.

Here's to another great year of life! Happy 2011! Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!


  1. Oh boy, do we have some hopes in common...including those house projects and taking care of ourselves.!

    I've been considering CPE, among other things.

    Thanks for playing, and I wish you a blessed 2011!

  2. CPE AND house projects ?! Now that's ambitious!

  3. A great Friday Five! And here's my advice about the china cabinet: find a used one. I am continually amazed at how cheaply much (even expensive)furniture is made now compared to 50+ years ago. China cabinets are one of those items that don't wear out easily so it's a good thing to buy used.

  4. I resonate with family. Blessings on your new year. And Auntie Knickers is right about used furniture.

  5. Great FF. I love that key lime pie is on your list for the coming year. You have not only had a year of blessings but of growth. Mazel Tov!

  6. ooooooh key lime pie. But where do you find key limes? ;-D

  7. I cheat! There's a little gourmet grocery near my favorite restaurant that sells the juice in a bottle, so one $5 bottle is enough for about 3 pies.