Sunday, December 26, 2010

I couldn't help myself...

I got an iPhone. I didn't get one last year because I didn't think I wanted one. I didn't think I would like the touch screen. I didn't think I needed all those apps. I figured my iPod would do me just fine because it had so much storage and I'm almost more interested in the video than the music.

But then I played with an iPod touch. And then I played with an iPhone. And I found out there is a Kindle app that I can't get on my "old" Blackberry. And it's a lot cheaper to download a GPS app than to buy a new GPS. And then there's "Plants vs. Zombies". So I decided I wanted an iPhone.

I'm kind of in love! It's really great and it's definitely easier to use. I thought it would take a lot more getting used to, but now that I know how to check my voicemail, I'm good!

Jeff has wanted one for years. I never realized this. So guess what he got for Christmas?

Merry Christmas to us!

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