Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think the concept of peace is something we take for granted. It's so incredibly powerful! To literally offer someone a blessing of peace is an amazing gift. And when we have it, it's so tempting to ignore it or abuse it. We tend to think of peace as being tied to "quiet" or "sleep", but there is so much more to it than that. And when you are missing the peace part deep down inside, all the quiet or sleep or soothing music in the world simply isn't going to do it for you. My life has been missing a certain element of peace, and I didn't even realize it until it suddenly returned and I was able to say, "Yes, that's it! That's what I've been searching for!" As I have been thinking about peace lately, I have been drawn to the phrase (and thus the image) of "peace like a river." And I've been running over the implications of that in my head. And the more I think about it, the more appropriate it becomes.

It's powerful. Much of its strength is in its depth. Sure, there is some pull in the shallow parts, and some good stuff that can come from that, but there's so much more power the deeper it goes.

It flows with and over and around obstacles. It uses them. It doesn't erase them. The little ones may be carried elsewhere to be encountered again, and the big ones may be covered or may influence the flow and the way other things are carried. All these things that "get in the way" are exactly what make it what it is. The shape it and form it and guide it along the way.

It has the power to shape and to mold. To smooth rough edges and wash away dirt and debris. To carve the surrounding landscape and mold the things around it.

It is always changing. It rarely looks the same way twice. It goes where it wants to go, whether it is wanted or not. It makes its own way. It is different things in different places. Some places it meanders, some it rushes wildly. Some places it's easily accessible and some it is difficult to reach. Some places you can enter gently and others you have no choice but to jump right in!

It is a resource that must be cared for and respected. If not given proper care and concern and if people start trying to interfere too much, it loses some of its power and its majesty. Sure, we can harness it for power or redirect it for our own convenience, but what is lost when this happens?

It can very easily be shared by many at the same time! It is a home to entire communities of beings and a source of life and nourishment to many.

When you think about peace, what do you think about? Do these images support you? How do you experience peace in your life?

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  1. Peace to me is a combination of acceptance and a lack of internal conflict. It's a low heart rate in tense situations. It's a lightness and a freeness.

    It's something I want very badly, LOL.

    I enjoyed this post!