Thursday, December 30, 2010

Onboard Experiences

Part of the appeal of cruises are the "fun days" at sea. And there are plenty of things available during those days to keep you entertained. There are shows and classes and pools and water slides and movies and games and all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately, I can't give you a ton of detail about those because I have rarely engaged in any of them. I've checked out some of the games, I've watched the activity around the pool, and I've probably spent far too much time hanging around the buffets and shops.

But those aren't my favorite way to spend sea days. My all-time favorite way to spend a day at sea is to find a nice quiet balcony or window and tuck myself in with a good book. I can watch the ocean, drink my unlimited sodas, and do a whole lot of nothing! To me, that is the best part of taking a cruise!

Now if you are the more active type, there are certainly things to do. But from my perspective, I do plenty of "going" and "doing" during my real life. Vacation is my chance to get away from all that! Don't get me wrong, on my first day I will probably do my fair share of wandering around and exploring and acquainting myself with my options. And every night I will probably study my copy of the little on-board newsletter to find out what is going on the next day. But the chances of my actually doing anything I think about are slim to none.

I am very excited about the spa and the access to that stuff this time around. One thing I would love to do more of is hanging out in the hot tub. I usually spend at least a little bit of time there, but my preference is to be there when there aren't a zillion other people crammed in there with me! I'm thrilled about the stuff in the spa that isn't open to the whole world! I am thinking I may also treat myself to massage, because I have definitely earned that little treat!

This picture is a lot of Jeff's family on the last cruise hanging out on the lido deck. I anticipate spending at least a little time doing just this!

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