Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Five - Quick Picks

Today's Friday Five invites us to quickly pick five things that are good in our lives right now. I'm all for "quick" right now, so here goes!

Feeling better - I've been really under the weather this week but I'm finally starting to really feel better, which is wonderful!

Trips - I'm headed out to Utah on Wednesday for the national ACPE conference, then on a cruise at the end of the month.

Being productive - I'm meeting with my liaison to the Board of Ordained Ministry today to see about getting my rear in gear to reapply this year!

Affirmation - I got a good report from my consultation committee so that's always good to hear!

Puppy snuggles - these always make life a little bit better!

And my bonus something I could do without: Not having my voice back 100%. It makes everything so frustrating!


  1. I'm dealing with voice issues too - allergies - so frustrating!

    Have great trips and glad for hte affirmations. Thanks for playing!

  2. Voice! I'm still struggling with post-nasal drip issues that contributed to having no voice on multiple occasions, including a Sunday morning! Aren't puppies the best! Enjoy your ACPE event and your cruise!

  3. enjoy your trip! i know some great women who'll be at the conference i hope you'll have plenty of time for renewal and refreshment!

  4. Old dog snuggles here, so sweet!