Sunday, January 24, 2010

Animal Antics

I love my furry children because they are so darn entertaining! Little Bit here has decided that, despite the fact that she could probably get her head stuck inside the Kong, it was her duty in life to get out every last crumb of treat that is shoved in there.
She had absolutely no interest in this or any other dog treat until Patches started playing with it. Then of course she wanted to take it away from him. The same is true of the bed on which all of this is taking place. Patches was a good sport and let her go with it, mostly because he had already spent some time on it and had moved onto his rope toy

Don't let him fool you though! He may look sweet and innocent and well behaved right now, but he is really a bit on the nutty side. Right now he's probably dreaming about what beloved possession of mine he can eat next.
There are no pictures of Cocoa just sitting there being precious because, well, she's a diva. She doesn't like to have her picture made. I can't quite figure it out, but if she sees me looking at her with the camera she will get up and move. As soon as I put the camera down, she comes back. It gets old fast. She usually wins.

Puppies are good for the soul. So is laughter, which my puppies frequently cause!

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