Friday, January 8, 2010


Football season is FINALLY over. I have to say it, I'm very glad. The last month or so I was sick and tired of hearing about football and the national championships and all of that.

I am an Auburn fan. I can't help it, it's the way I was raised. Both my parents went to Auburn. But we were not hard-core, "love everyone who plays Alabama" Auburn fans. We had friends and family members who were Alabama fans. That's just the way it was. We didn't bust a gut to watch the games each week. We'd put them on for background noise, but we certainly didn't plan our Saturdays around them. In fact, the only game we ever really bothered to plan and watch was the Iron Bowl. We would go to games about once a year, but it was just something fun to do.

My apathy toward college football was so great that in high school, the Iron Bowl meant one thing and one thing only to me - MONEY! It was the greatest babysitting day of the year. I would sometimes get twice my normal rate or even more for whatever reason. And let me tell you, making $80 to sit on the couch and watch tv while the kids are in bed is pretty darn fantastic! I was not at all heartbroken that I didn't get to go to a party. I still usually saw the game and I didn't have to deal with the yelling and obnoxiousness that came with watching with a large group! Yup, fabulous!

I was always taught that, even being an Auburn fan, you still cheer for Alabama as long as they aren't playing against Auburn. And for the most part that's how I feel about the whole thing. I want both teams to do well. I have had friends go to both schools. It's just a game.

I did indeed watch the game last night. And I cheered for Alabama. And I was glad they won. I'm glad I can get a hat and t-shirt for Jeff for his birthday and not have to try and come up with something else to get him! But I'm also glad the season is over and we get a break for about 7 months!

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