Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.2

This episode of Sandy's favorite things is brought to you by the letter C. (These are some of my favorites from childhood)

Peter Rabbit - I got my stuffed Peter for my first easter when I was about 6 months old. According to my mom, he went into my collection of stuffed animals. Then when I was about three or four I got sick one time and wanted my Peter Rabbit. And life was never the same after that. I dragged him everywhere by his pitiful little arm and it had to be re-attached at least twice. It still isn't completely attached, but I like it that way. I slept with him every single night. He even went into the OR with me when I had my tonsils taken out! His stuffing has now settled out of his middle so he doesn't sit up straight anymore and his mid-section has most of the fur loved off of it. But no matter what, I will always have Peter!

Schwan's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - I don't know if that was the exact name of it, but that's what it was. I guess some things never change!

Craft Kits - These were the greatest thing ever to me. I was never particularly artistic, but I was crafty. I couldn't really draw or paint (although I certainly enjoyed trying) but I could make the mess out of some jewelry! I made note cards, hair clips, sand art, needlepoint pictures, woven purses, potholders, you name it. If there was a craft kit for it, I probably made it! And now, well, I still love the crafty stuff. I kind of miss sand art and woven change purses!

American Girl - I was that kid who always had her nose in a book. I would much rather sit inside and make something or read than go outside and play. And I really loved reading the American Girl books. I loved the history of it and the stories of the girls that were so relatable. The fact that they had dolls just made it that much better! I really want to read all the new books they have out. Does anyone want to let me borrow their 8 year old daughter/niece/cousin so I can have a reading buddy?

Under the Umbrella Tree - I had a lot of shows I really enjoyed watching, but this was probably one of my favorites. I know there were others like The Elephant Show and a live action version of Alice in Wonderland, but I think the adventures of Gloria, Iggy, and JJ were my favorites!

Chicken Nuggets with Ketchup - After John was born, mom made sure she and I had special time together every night. Most nights that meant I got to help cook supper. But on Friday night we got to go out and have a date, just the two of us. And I always wanted to go to McDonalds for Chicken Nuggets with Ketchup (and orange drink!) When mom was in the hospital, I would occasionally go get us dinner from McDonalds and she teased me because half the time I would get a chicken nugget kids meal. I very rarely eat ketchup now, but it's a nice memory.

Cinderella - I loved the movie Cinderella. I remember watching it over and over again, and I would act out the scene where she's waking up along with the movie. Mom swore there were others I liked better, but I really remember that one.

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  1. I LOVED American Girls! I have I think 5 of the dolls, my grand mother was into it with me, I remember reading them every time I'd stay with her. Samantha was always my favorite. Molly was my 2nd favorite. If you get the new books I want to borrow them! There are SO many out now, I was looking at the website the other day, how cool would it have been to go to an American Girl store like you can now?

    Under the Umbrella Tree--my definite favorite Disney show EVER.

    AND of course you must have a Hi C orange drink with McNuggets.