Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.1

I have decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon and start doing a semi-regular "guided" post with a consistent, recurring theme. I'll start with my favorite things I never knew I wanted

Powder Box - I have a Wedgewood China powder box I got from Jeff's grandmother for my first Christmas with them. It was totally unexpected but it is absolutely perfect. It sits on my nightstand and I put my watch and ring in it every night before bed. And there's something almost musical about the clink of the lid onto the box.

Patches - I never considered myself to be a "big dog" person. We never had really big dogs when I was growing up, and most of the larger, "sporting" breeds that I had come across just weren't the cuddly kind of dog I thought I wanted as a four-legged part of my family. Jeff's labs began to change my mind, and we got Patches about a week before we were engaged. He's sometimes a little more playful than I like to be (I still won't get in the floor and wrestle with him!) but he is also so sweet I can't imagine life without him.

Risotto - I have no idea when or where I was first introduced to this amazingness, but I am so glad I was! My favorite is roasted garlic and parmesan.

Beechwood Sheets - I had never even heard of these until I went shopping with Jeff's grandmother one day. She had gotten some and wanted to get Jeff a set (this was before we were engaged and taking care of him was officially my job). They kind of remind me of the Bamboo sheets except not nearly as expensive! They are soft and silky and very warm when they need to be! As cold as it has been outside, these ensure that the bed is my favorite place to be!

UT Socks - I got these when I attended my friend Lillian's bridesmaids lunch. I have never been a "sleep sock" person because I always kick my socks off in the middle of the night. Plus, I never really saw the reasoning behind spending twice as much on "special" socks just for bed when I have a whole drawer full of socks that will also keep my toes toasty. But these little orange wonders are fantastic! They are soft and fluffy and will usually actually stay on my feet for several hours while I sleep, compared to the 10 or so minutes of most other socks. I have since gotten others, but these are still my favorites!

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Macadamia Clusters - Do I really need to explain this one?

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