Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things domestically. The house and the move and the holidays have had my life and my routine turned upside down for far too long, but thankfully that is changing. I'm so glad I finally have a groove I can settle into.

Here is a peek into the new schedule at Casa de la Herren for the rest of this week and next week

Thursday - laundry and possibly some dusting. Dinner will probably be honey mustard pork loin, broccoli, and baked rice (if we don't get snowed in!)

Friday - clean the bathrooms and possibly wash a load of towels. I think I'm going to make risotto, although I don't know what we'll have to go with it. Maybe turkey.

Saturday - probably heading down to Montgomery if the weather isn't too bad. Dinner is to be decided based on the day's activities. If we get home in time, I'm thinking pancakes and bacon for dinner!

Sunday - church. Housework just isn't happening! Dinner will be leftovers.

Monday - vacuum and sweep. Dinner will probably be chili.

Tuesday - volunteer at the hospital. Housework may or may not happen. Dinner may be jambalaya and green beans

Wednesday - dust and change the sheets. Dinner will be roasted chicken breasts with mashed potatoes and english peas

Thursday - laundry day again. Dinner will be teriyaki beef and I may try my hand at fried rice.

Friday - bathrooms. I may also try to do some baking. Dinner may be mexican (we have a gift certificate)

Saturday - no house cleaning (here at least). We're going to celebrate his mom's birthday a couple of weeks late with a fondue party.

Sunday - church. Dinner will just be whatever is quick and easy.

So there you have it. We'll see how well I do at following this (especially when it's so flipping cold outside I don't want to leave my bed!) but I feel good about it because I have some direction and won't spend the day wandering aimlessly through the house. One day is going to become my craft day, where I can work on all the little projects that I really enjoy but haven't been making time for. I'm thinking maybe Thursday, but we'll have to wait and see. That is still a few weeks in the making.

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