Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza

This one is really simple. The ingredients are all in the title. This is actually an adaptation of a savory tart that is essentially the same, but uses puff pastry as the crust.

Although the ingredients are very simple, it still requires some work. Caramelizing onions isn't hard, but require some patience. I used vidalia and red onions because they are naturally sweeter so they caramelize well. I also put just a little bit of balsamic vinegar on them. When they were done, I piled them on the crust (whole wheat thin crust) and crumbled some rosemary goat cheese over it and let the cheese get melty on the grill. It wasn't covered with cheese like the average pizza, just enough to add a little contrasting flavor and texture. Because the cheese had herbs on it, I didn't really need to add much else.

*Quick note about the cheese - The cheese I used is called "Rosey Goat" and came from Costco. I have yet to find it anywhere else. It is a harder goat cheese, so it doesn't crumble like you would expect (you can shred it if you like) but it also has a milder flavor. The closest thing to this cheese I have been able to find elsewhere was an herbed goat cheese at Whole Foods. It is the softer, more crumbly goat cheese so I imagine has a bit stronger flavor. Nothing wrong with that if that's your preference, just a friendly heads up that not all herbed goat cheeses are created equal!

Holy Mother of Goodness! I really wish I didn't have to share it. Apparently I wasn't the only one! My brother said this was his favorite of all the pizzas we made. This would make a wonderful (and relatively simple) appetizer if you were to put everything into the little puff pastry cups you can find in the frozen foods section.

If you try this (or come up with improvements) let me know about it!


  1. We make this on a flaky pastry base as a good starter. It's great topped with rocket.

  2. Oh, it's also good on pizza with spinach.