Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.31

These are a few of my favorite things to buy when I have money to burn

Office Supplies - blame it on the OCD, the bottomless purse constantly eating my pens, or the abundance of bright colors. There is something about fresh notebooks and brand new pens and empty folders that make me much happier than they probably should. I would be absolutely thrilled with a gift certificate to most office supply stores. Back to school season makes me almost giddy, what with the giant displays of everything and an abundance of things to use for storing said supplies!

Bibles - I suppose there are worse addictions to have! But I am always on the hunt for the perfect Bible. Granted, I have lots of "perfect" bibles. At least they were perfect for what I needed (hardbacks with big margins for classes, travel sized for high school retreats, good notes for sermon prep, etc.) but as I grow and learn and take on new challenges I am constantly changing and my need for various bibles changes with it. I have my eye on two or three at Cokesbury now...

Purses - I'm seriously considering finding a support group for other women who can't get enough purses. And it isn't like I swap my purse up all the time to match my outfit either! I generally will use the same purse for at least six months until I can find something better or it tears up. Again, it's a never-ending quest for the "perfect" bag. My current purse with its matching "all-in-one" wallet is pretty stinking fantastic, but check back this time next year to see if I still feel that way!

Stuff I already have - I like what I like. And when I want something around that I like, I want it to be readily available to me. I like the idea of having extras - one to pack, one to keep out, one for home, one for the office, one for my car, one for Jeff's truck, and one extra just in case all the others get eaten by the same gremlin who keeps take sock mates and pulling the waistbands off my underwear.

Journals - I'm about to reveal a very deep, dark secret about myself. I love to write. I love to chronicle happening. I love to preserve memories. I love to reflect. Wait, that wasn't a secret? Oh well! I do a lot less "real" journaling now that I have taken up blogging. However, I do still do some, and being the organizational freak that I am, I like to keep things orderly. In keeping with this spirit, I like "themed" journals, particularly those that provide some guidance to your reflections. Whether it's baby care, writing your autobiography, keeping up with vacations, experimenting with recipes, reviewing wines, planning special events, or enjoying life in general there are great journals out there to fit your needs. And heaven help me, I want one of each and every one of them. Except for the travel journals, and I want those by the case!

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