Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Five - Memories

Today's Friday Five challenges us to think about the value of memories and the wonderful treasures that they can be, particularly the memories from the different parts of our life.

A treasured childhood memory - I think my most treasured memories from childhood revolve around family get-togethers, particularly Christmas and summer vacations. Although I can't recall every specific detail, I do remember all the love and laughter and silly traditions and joking around that happened. To me, that is what family is all about!

A teenage memory - I have a lot more memories from this time period that are embarrassing or painful than I do those that I treasure. But I do still have a lovely little collection of wonderful memories from this period in my life. I think one of my favorites was from International Peace Camp III at Camp Sumatanga. It was the summer before my senior year and life was full of promise and excitement. I had spent the better part of the week really feeling out and living into the reality of my calling into full-time ministry and as the week was coming to an end, I walked down with a friend to see Nurse Buck. We ended up sitting on the screened porch of his cabin for a long time talking about all kinds of things and he told several stories about when he was young. It was a moment when I felt entirely at peace and loved and valued exactly as I was in that moment.

A young adult memory - I still have a lot more young adult memories to make, but I think one of my most treasured was the day I graduated from Divinity School. It was wonderful to be surrounded by some of my best friends and family members who had helped me go through so much and to be able to celebrate all that we had accomplished together.

A memory from this summer - It's hard for me to pick only one from this summer, so I'll cheat and go with two. Either my time spent back at camp, or Jeff's and my quick trip to the beach. Both were awesome and were so very needed. At camp I really appreciated the opportunity to simply participate in real and meaningful worship again without all the pressure that is placed on me (by others and myself) of leading and "performing." I also really loved having the opportunity to write and then lead a part of the Great Thanksgiving and help serve communion. It was so stinking awesome! At the beach I think my favorite memory was floating in the hot tub while it rained and having some quiet time to reflect and to be inspired. If I could spend an hour like that every single day, I would be such a mellow person you wouldn't recognize me!

A memory you hope to have - I think right now, the memory I am most hoping to have is any overall positive memory of being a parent. There are places I would like to go and things I would like to do, but in the end they won't mean much without my family and so I am hopeful about memories I am going to make with my family in the years to come.

The bonus for today was to come up with a song that sums up all our memories. I don't have one because I'm not good at stuff like that. Thankfully, I have friends that are great at that, so if that's your thing give me a song!

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