Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 2

Yes I know, I skipped Week 1. I had all kinds of good intentions about this list thing and it's just going to heck by my own slacker-ness, but last week was a bit odd and off I'm just going to go ahead and say thank you for your grace in this!

So what have I done towards my list? Well, there's nothing I can cross off the list yet, but as I started to look at the whole thing I've been surprised at what I've already started doing!

I'm working on the whole "getting to bed before midnight" thing, and so far I've been able to do that since Tuesday, January 11th. Monday night I was doing a lot of tossing and turning and not a lot of sleeping, but I was in the bed before midnight! Being on-call is potentially going to get in the way of this, but I'm going to keep trying. I've got two more overnight on-calls this month, but sometimes I am pleasantly surprised, so I'm going to keep trying on this one. I'm not going to let being on-call be my excuse.

I've tried two new recipes (chicken and dumplings and egg drop soup). The goal is six, so I'm on the way! If you have any suggestions for recipes you think I should try, shout them out!

I have gone without flip-flops since Sunday, Jan. 9th. The goal is two weeks, so if I can keep going until Monday, January 24th I can cross that one off the list! The fact that it's been FREEZING has helped (so does having some cute and comfy shoes). It was tough on Saturday and Monday when I didn't have to work, but I made myself put on "real" shoes anyway. I still love my flippers on the weekends, but I don't feel like I have to wear them all the time anymore. In fact, my brand new ones I got for Christmas are still brand new! And my pink pair are on their way to the trash...

I bought the supplies for making my post-it artwork, so now I just have to pull all my stuff upstairs and start working on it. I don't see it happening this weekend (or really for the rest of this month for that matter!) but perhaps I can work on it during my academic break between units.

The only thing holding me back from doing the cuss jar is my own laziness. Actually, I've decided we need two cuss jars in our house. One in the kitchen (because that and the dining room are where I tend to let loose) and one in the garage (where Jeff likes to let them fly!). Mine can be glass, but his needs to be plastic, so I'll have to repo my old rice canister to turn it into his cuss jar!

That's pretty much what has been happening so far. Hopefully by next week I can officially cross a few of these off the list!

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