Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five Boycott

Ok, so I'm having a bit of a temper tantrum today, and I'm boycotting today's Friday Five that asks for your five favorite scriptures. On a good day, this would require quite a bit of work for me but I might enjoy some of it. Today, I just don't have it in me.

There are a couple of reasons. The first is that I'm just not good at quoting scripture and giving chapter and verse. I generally know what lots of good stuff says and I know where to go look it up if I need it for something (like I would have to do today if I was that invested) but I can't just pull it out of my head.

The second reason is just my being a bit obnoxious in that I'm kind of put off by the idea that since we are ministers we have to have a favorite scripture. I have several that are meaningful or have been meaningful at different times. Different passages speak to me in different ways at different times, and sometimes nothing is speaking to me, which I think is also okay.

The third is directly tied to the first two. A little over a week ago at a staff meeting we were informed that, for our devotional time, we were going to go around the table and say our favorite verse and why. Well, as you can probably guess from reasons one and two, this didn't go over well with me because we didn't know about this ahead of time and I didn't have my phone (which has a bible on it) with me or a bible or anything else to use as a reference. But still, everyone was on the spot. I pulled something out but I really don't remember what I said so clearly it wasn't especially meaningful.

So at this point, having the same assignment again isn't sitting well with me. And sure I could come up with a few things to simply complete the assignment, but that's kind of not the point. So yeah, I'm not playing today.

But I'm posting anyway because, well, I can. And also to throw out my self-care stuff for this week.
I had therapy on Wednesday like usual, but I have worked on doing some other things. One was that I made risotto for myself for dinner last night. I'm still working on some thoughts around that, so stay tuned if you're interested to hear what I reflected on around that. It'll probably be coming in the next few days.

So yeah. Sorry I'm being a bad sport about this. I'm just having a moment. Hopefully by next week it will have passed!

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