Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 3

I can officially cross "going without flip flops" off the list. And one pair of old flip-flops were thrown out. I hope you are thoroughly impressed!

I also started on my post-it artwork, but I hate what I did so I'm going to toss it and start over. No news on when that will be happening.

I have still been getting to bed before midnight, even last week when I was on call. We'll see what happens being on call Friday!

I got my invitation to the Boards and Agencies Dinner in a couple of weeks, but my on-call schedule just won't permit it. This means this one will HAVE to be done next year.

Jeff helped me start moving the office stuff out of the closet, but it's not done yet so it can't be crossed off yet.

I am going to try making beef stew, stuffed shells, and pork carnitas soon, so that'll put me up to five new recipes. I'm still looking for suggestions for others!

So yeah, that's this week's update! Tiny steps are being taken, but I'm going to have to pick things up to get this done!

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