Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dining Out For Life 2011

It's that time of year again! Dining out for Life in Birmingham is TOMORROW (April 28th)! It's also perfect timing in my world because the fridge will be totally cleaned out in preparation for our leaving town on Friday, so dinner out Thursday is pretty much a given. Now we (and you!) can enjoy a wonderful meal and help a good cause, too!

I have no idea where I will be headed for dinner, but there are a few of my favorite places on the list.

Silvertron Cafe - This is where Jeff and I went on our first date, and we still go here occasionally as a special place for us. Very good stuff. I'm partial to the steak sandwiches, Jeff could eat his weight in onion rings.

Cantina - super-duper yummy food. I'm partial to the gaucho steak sandwich. They're only doing lunch this year so I will have to miss out, but if you're hunting a good lunch spot, check them out!

Jackson's Bar & Bistro - Very good food and the only place I've found in the states that can make a good Pimms Cup! And, they win the prize for donating the highest percentage of proceeds of all the participating restaurants (33%)

Or, if you need some other suggestions, just check out the complete list of participating restaurants! Can't wait to hear about where you go tomorrow!

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