Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 14

I have been thinking about my approach to my list and think I'm missing something in my approach. Although I'm doing weekly check ins and it's pretty constantly on my mind, I think I need to make at least one concrete goal per week if I actually want to make this stuff happen! But first, let's check in on what has been happening in the past week!

#50 - Almost done - I'm beginning my newest discipline(s) this week. I'm sort of looking at combining two - praying the psalms and lectio divina. We'll see how it goes!

#65 - In Process - I have re-potted my Rosemary and have secured some chives and dill, but still have a little space to add more. I'm in the process of deciding what I want. I'm thinking I may do some peppers and some sage, but we'll have to see.

#66 - Completed! Yay! We decided to tackle the landscaping head on this week, so while we were out buying plants, I casually wandered over to the roses and fell in love with a wonderful hybrid tea rose that has three different colors in it. It was already starting to bud and bloom, so it's better off than the stick in a bucket of dirt I had last time! I got it all re-potted by myself and it's adjusting nicely to its new home by our fence! We also put up new hanging baskets of petunias, some flowers (I don't remember the name) by the retaining wall, a pot of daisies on the porch, lavender by the mailbox, and a dwarf gardenia that will eventually have a permanent home in the back yard!

#87 - I'm seriously considering modifying this one. Originally it was to go see the symphony, but I sort of feel like I have done that after having seen the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra. They were really fantastic and it was a totally soul-feeding experience. Part of me feels like changing it after the fact would be cheating, and I really would like to go to the symphony too, so I guess it will stay for the time being.

So my goal for this week - If the weather is nice on Friday, go to the zoo with Jeff. If it's rainy, we'll go to a movie instead. And if I have a chance, I want to finish up my herb garden. Ok, so that's several goals. It should make it that much easier to complete at least one of them!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful goal with your husband! I adore growing herbs, wanted to be an herb farmer once! Look forward to seeing a glimpse of what you have in your garden this year. :)

  2. You are doing great with your list! I think I've only accomplished one or two of my goals - I need to get with it! I'm going to need some gardening advice soon (see my next post). :)