Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garden 2011

Well, now that it's nice and warm, we decided it was time to get the garden going again.

The first task was the flowers for the front of the house. We got some nice new hanging baskets last year so we filled them with petunias. We also decided we need something for the bed around the mailbox so I got some lavender. Unfortunately, it still looks kind of puny so I'll have to get some other stuff to go out there, too. I also got a pot of African daisies to go on the front porch just because they were pretty.

For the herb garden I picked out some dill and some chives. My rosemary and thyme survived the winter. The rosemary got re-potted (finally!) and the thyme is still hanging out. I am thinking I will get some tarragon or sage, I'm not sure which yet. I may also put some peppers in, but I've not decided. I guess I'll wait and see what looks good the next time I'm out.

For the vegetable garden we got the usuals - tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and peppers. We also got some cabbage and Jeff is going to start some more pole beans from seed. We'll probably also get a watermelon vine if we can find any!

And I also got my replacement rose bush! I thought I wanted one with big roses since the other one is little pink roses, but this was a really neat hybrid of three colors, so I got it and I'm really loving it. The picture is my "old" rose bush from last year, but it just looks so pretty I couldn't help but share! It's the best looking of anything right now. I'll post more pictures once stuff starts looking better!

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