Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 15

Another week, another chance to check in on my 101 list.

48 - In Process - Technically I could probably cross this one off my list. I finally got a pedometer and discovered that I'm walking at least 4 miles in a given day, much less each week! Still, I need the discipline of walking in addition to what I HAVE to do for work, so I'll let this week count as the first of my month. It'll be good for me to have the motivation to keep myself moving, especially going on vacation!

50 - Continued - I could probably cross this one off the list, but I'm not satisfied with what I've done so I want to keep working on it. It's my list so I get to do things like that. I'm not doing all this stuff just for to have something to do, but because I think I can get something from the experience!

65 - Still in Process - I had every intention of getting my stuff planted this week, but it just hasn't happened yet. I will probably do it tonight when I get home from work, but it has to be done before company comes this weekend!

97 - Completed - This was sort of a surprise to have completed at this point, but it was also super-rewarding. Monday after I got home from being on call, I told Jeff exactly what I wanted to do with my day - take a nap, go have Chinese for lunch, get a new memory card for my camera, and go the Botanical Gardens. It was a wonderful day and exactly what I hoped for! Even though this one is officially off the list now, it's something I will continue to try and do!

My "concrete goal" of going to a movie or the zoo didn't happen. The Botanical Gardens was nice, but I still want to go to the zoo! I think I will put that aside as the concrete goal until we get back from the cruise. Instead, my goal for this week will be to go see a movie!

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