Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

Whew! I really did have all kinds of intentions of posting some fun (and perhaps even thought-provoking) Holy Week/Easter things but somehow this crazy week got away from me, so will you settle for a brief re-cap?

Holy Thursday - Had my usual service of communion and tenebrae. It was lovely, and surprisingly well attended. I think we had 10 this year (which is a lot for a special service!) This is probably one of my favorite services to plan and lead all year long!

Good Friday - I actually had this day off from work. In homage to my great-grandfather, I did a little planting but for the most part it was a low-key day around our house.

Saturday - This was a CRAZY busy day for me. I agreed to cover 4 hours at the hospital for someone, and Jeff was a trooper and came with me. After I got done there, we headed over to the church for the Easter Egg hunt. We had about 30 people for that, so that was good. Then after that was over, we went home for a few minutes, then up to the shopping center to meet Jeff's parents. His mother and I both ended up getting new dresses, then we went to meet some folks for dinner. I was thinking there would be 6-10, but it was more like double that! Needless to say I was exhausted by the time we got home.

Easter - Beautiful day! We headed to church, which was a very nice service. We were joined there by Jeff's parents and my step-mom so that was great. Then we went to lunch. Sadly we didn't get to go see any of the other family because I had to be at the hospital at 4 for my "real" on-call shift.

So today is my "day of rest". I have some leftover candy from the egg hunt so I'm a happy girl. This is going to be a busy week, but something about a new season inspires and motivates me!

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