Friday, June 18, 2010


Jeff and I got ourselves a new toy the other day. I know we probably don't need to be buying stuff like this, especially with him out of work, but we needed a little something and this was perfect.

We got a pool! It's nothing terribly fancy, it's just 15 feet in diameter and about 4 feet deep. We got it set up and have really enjoyed it. We got a little underwater light and are continuing to work on the little corner of the yard where it is tucked. The next projects include mounting citronella torches on the fence posts, finding a radio to stick under the deck, and I need to find the perfect float.

I always hated the idea of an above-ground pool when I was a kid. I know this is mean and stereotypical, but I just always had images of them set up outside of double-wides! I refused to have anything like that in my yard! But then my step-mom got one and I've seen lots of them done well, and Jeff started looking at me with the big puppy dog eyes when he found them on sale and I couldn't help it. It's a million degrees outside, I need a little something! I figure the more time we spend out in the pool the less time I'll spend inside and so the less we'll have to run the AC!

It really is perfect because it's just the right size that you can get a few people in comfortably, and it's deep enough that I can float without my feet touching or my rear end scraping the bottom!

We're going to have Jeff's mom and step-dad over for his step-dad's birthday, so we are giving him a hard time about his pool party! We'll probably just cook out, but I imagine we will spend a little time in the pool before and/or after dinner!

So come on over! The water's fine!

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