Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.21

Memorial Day has come and summer is now officially here in all its sweltering glory. Sadly, a bit of the appeal of summer has gone far away now that I don't get a much-anticipated break. Still, there are some good things about this time of year. Despite the fact that I will be perpetually sticky and exhausted for the next several months, these are a few of my favorite things about my months on the surface of the sun!
Sweet Tea - I am always up for a glass of sweet tea, especially fruit teas, but there's something about enjoying it in the middle of summer that makes it that much better! The same is also true of lemonade!

Peach Park - Stopping at Peach Park in Clanton was always a part of our family trips to anywhere south of Birmingham during the summer months. We would walk around, hang out in the rocking chairs, and of course get some ice cream and fruit cobbler. I still love the smell of fresh peaches as it mingles with car exhaust!

Lightning Bugs - Watching lightning bugs remind me of the magic of summer vacation when I was in elementary school, and the joy and laughter of cookouts with friends. Even now, I love to sit on the porch, watch them light up the night, and try to guess where they are going to be next. So much fun!

Watermelon - Watermelon is one of those things that I absolutely love, but only when it's like a thousand degrees outside and it's really fresh and juicy. I don't like watermelon flavored stuff, just beautiful fresh watermelon with juice that runs down your elbows! And no, you can't eat it with a fork. That's totally cheating!

What are some of the things that you love about summer?

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