Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Five - Forgetful

I was all excited to be up early this morning before we left Branson, eager to get my Friday Five up and kicking before we left Branson. Well, sadly it wasn't up and kicking this morning, so now that we are settled in Tupelo for the evening, here it is!

What's the last thing you forgot? - I forgot to pack a water bottle for camp! EGADS! Thankfully I never really needed it, but that could have been bad.

How do you keep track of appointments? - I have my trusty worship planning calendar. Yes it's big, which wasn't as big of a deal when I always carried a backpack full of notebooks for school, but it is the best thing I have found for me! Currently, day planners just aren't cutting it!

Do you keep a running grocery list? - YES! It is on a magnetic pad stuck to the fridge. If we run out of anything, it goes on the list. If it doesn't make it to the list, it isn't going to get purchased that month. It's a very simple (but effective) system!

When forced to improvise by circumstances, do you enjoy it or panic? - For the most part, I panic. However, I have learned to at least go with the flow a little bit. Occasionally I will come out of it with some feelings that might be described as "enjoyment" but those are usually after the fact!

What's a memory you hope you will never forget? - My mom's smile when I came home to see her before she died.

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