Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.29

These are a few of my favorite places in Nashville, my home away from home.
Loveless Cafe - A Nashville area staple for just about forever, it's got such a fun, funky atmosphere and lots of old-fashioned comfort food (and all the biscuits you can eat plus about a dozen more!) I am sad to admit that I did not discover this little wonder until my graduation weekend. I missed out on three years of carbohydrate overloading that I will never get back!

Batter'd and Fried - Jeff nicknamed it "Captain Greasy's" because, well, just about everything there is (as the name implies) battered and fried. But it is SO stinking good! Definitely not something to be a part of a regular diet, but about once a year is almost acceptable! I'm partial to the beef tips but they discontinued them. It still makes me sad...

Fido - I have had many an excellent conversation over a hot chocolate or apple cider here. Love it!

Centennial Park - It's a great place to get out, wander around, lay out, sit and read, see people, or spend time with your thoughts. Just be careful of the geese, they get mean! We didn't spend a ton of time there this time because it was so flipping hot, but it's still an awesome place!

Dave and Buster's - I really hate that this is still closed after the flooding and we didn't get to go this visit. It's fun to kick Jeff's rear at "his" games (and at my favorites too!)

So for all my Nashville-area friend (or friends who have even visited the Nashville area) what are some of your favorite places?

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