Sunday, July 18, 2010

House Party #1

I first found out about House Parties because some of Jeff's friends hosted one last year. I checked out the website, got interested, and started applying for all kinds of parties. I REALLY wanted to do the Ball canning party, but sadly it didn't work out. The good news is I finally got approved for one!

I will be hosting my first House Party on Saturday, August 14th. This one is sponsored by Boboli pizza crust and is all about grilling pizza! I've heard about grilled pizzas and seen it done but have never tried it myself, so I'm really excited.

There will be plenty of pictures and recipes when it's all said and done, but for now you get to read all about my preparations! The timing on it is pretty great since it's the weekend of my birthday, so we can just have everyone over and have one big get together around the pool and eat and drink and have fun. If you're going to be in the Birmingham area and want to come party with us for real, let me know and I'll get you all the information.

Part of the party pack I will be getting as a host is coupons for like 8 pizza crusts, so I need to come up with a bunch of different kinds of pizzas.

The obvious ones are pepperoni and veggie

The three suggested by Boboli are lime chicken and cilantro, grilled pork and apple, and honey mustard chicken. I don't think I (or anyone in my family) would like the pork and apple one

My other thoughts are to do the lime chicken one with flank steak and caramelized onions, a taco pizza with ground beef, and some sort of chicken and green pepper (because this is Jeff's new favorite). I would really love to try to recreate my favorite CPK pizza (which as been discontinued for quite a while) which is rosemary chicken and potato. I may try something with a thai flair using spicy peanut sauce. I'd also like to do something with goat cheese, but I don't quite know what!

Of course I'm definitely open to suggestions, so if you have a personal favorite, let me know! Also, go check out my party page here.

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