Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Five - Pets

Today's Friday Five asks some questions about our animals. Some people have them, some don't, but I happen to love my little fur-babies.

Did you grow up with pets?
- Yes. We had a dog from before I was born. I got a cat when I was 7 and she died last fall (although I think I developed an allergy to her later in life) we also occasionally had fish, hermit crabs, and a few guinea pigs.

Do you have any pets now? - Yes. Cocoa Bean, the chihuahua is six. I got her a few days after my mom died. Patches Rambo, the black lab-australian shepherd mix is now 2 1/2. Both are wonderful.

What is the funniest or worst thing any of your pets have ever done? - When we first bought the house, I suddenly went from being at home with the dogs all day to being gone all day. Patches apparently decided he missed me and wanted to get even, so he started eating my stuff. He ate a few books (including a bible), a purse, a contact case, pajama pants, socks, several pairs of shoes, a kindle case among other things.

Who is/was your favorite pet? - Cocoa is probably my favorite just because she is truly "mine".

How did you train your different pets? - Treats have gone a long way in encouraging good behavior. Cocoa really doesn't like to be wet, so if she makes a mess in the house Jeff will stick her in the shower for a minute or two. When Patches won't calm down, he gets a time out in the half bath downstairs.

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