Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.27

These are a few of my favorite things that seem to have disappeared from the world.

Butterfinger BBs - I really like butterfingers, but they always make a mess because of the perfectly crumbly inside. Butterfinger BBs were the perfect solution to this. I only ever got them during gas station snack stops, but they were a wonderful treat. I am very sad they don't make them anymore. They have what they call "minis" that come in the big movie-theater box, but it's still not the same.
Chocolate Soldier - My grandmother used to ALWAYS have chocolate soldier drinks in her fridge. Eventually she stopped being able to find them and went to yoo-hoos. They were still a special treat, but nothing will ever be as good as Chocolate Soldier!

Vanilla Coke - you just can't find it in stores anymore! I had some at the Coke museum in Atlanta which I think just made my longing for it worse!
Keds - Used to be you could find Keds anywhere. For kids or adults. I had a new pair of white keds every year as a kid. One year my mom and I got matching white Keds flip-flops (I think I was like 12). I think the last pair I had were knock-offs that I wore as a senior in high school as part of my costume in a play, where I was ironically playing the part of a six year old (keeps the smart comments about type-casting to yourself please!) I was so thrilled when I was able to get "real" tennis shoes but now I kind of miss them. Especially those flip-flops...

Yellow gold - I don't know why. Maybe it's my pasty skin color. Maybe it's what I grew up with. Maybe I'm just a sucker for matching. But I really do love yellow gold jewelry. White gold and silver are nice, but yellow has always been "more dressy" to me. Unfortunately, it is exceptionally hard to find in any sort of style that is appealing to this mid-twenties woman!

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