Monday, May 3, 2010

The Car

For the most part, I like to keep my home at least presentable. I generally don't mind sharing most of my things. Even my closets have become areas that I'm not embarrassed to leave open. However my car is another story.

Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomena. Ever since I got my license and a car I didn't have to share, it was an extension of my home. And not in the good way of being warm and friendly and expressing my personality. It became a rolling office, library, closet, and occasionally even bedroom.

Once I started college, it just got worse. I would toss stuff in the car for work or to haul it home or back to school and it would never make it to its final destination, instead living in automotive purgatory. My many moves just perpetuated this cycle. Now, there is absolutely no reason for this to be true. But the thought of making those multiple trips to unload everything was just a daunting task so I was not motivated to get it done.

I have finally gotten to a point that my car can be considered "cleaned out." I emptied the floorboard and both of the front seats. The back seats can all accommodate rear ends and/or car seats. Then, my loving husband emptied the floor of the back. Per a previous agreement, once I got the car cleaned out, he would wash it for me. For most people, this wouldn't be a very big deal. After all, washing the car is an exterior job, right? Well, not for him. Washing the outside is just the start. It also includes vacuuming, shampooing the carpets, conditioning the leather, polishing the wood grain, even washing out the cupholders! I must admit, I wouldn't go through all that myself, but I certainly appreciate the results!

The trunk still has a lot of things in it. Mostly it's books that I can unload in the church now that I have gotten my bookshelves rearranged (which is a whole other post!). Jeff calls it my "mobile assault library". My goal is that, at least by Mother's Day, I will have the whole thing emptied and I will actually be able to put groceries in the trunk and we can take my car to the various graduation trips we will be making!

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