Thursday, May 6, 2010


I had the scare of my life yesterday afternoon. Cocoa fell off the deck. Not like tripped off a couple of steps, but got thrown almost from the top!

Patches was all fired up when I got home (like he usually is when he's been alone all day) and I put Cocoa down to go potty. Well, Patches wanted to play. And he got a little too excited. And he hit Cocoa a little too hard, and she went flying through the opening at the back of the step down to the ground about 9 feet below! I realized what had happened about half a second before she hit the ground and I just felt my heart sink into my gut!

As soon as she hit the ground she cried like she has never cried before. Even when I picked her up she was whining and wailing. I carried her inside and she had stopped crying but was still just shaking, but so was I! I sat down on the couch with her and she immediately tried to crawl off my lap. She was holding one of her front paws funny and didn't really want to stand but wouldn't lie down either. So I knew there was only one thing to do - take her to the vet!

I scooped her up, grabbed my bag, and was going to head for the vet. I got halfway out the driveway and looked out my rearview mirror. I remembered that our neighbor across the street is a vet tech and all their cars were there, so I figured she was there. She could probably tell me if anything was wrong and what to do.

She checked Cocoa out and she was probably ok. While we were there, Cocoa was walking around on all four legs and stopped shaking, plus she didn't cry or anything when she was touched, so that was encouraging. I brought her home and snuggled her on the couch for a bit before she hopped down and trotted into the kitchen to sniff at her food bowl. I followed her to see if she'd eat and she just kind of looked at me like "what, this is it?" I gave her some more food and a french fry from my dinner. She gave me the pitiful face and tried whining for an extra fry, but it didn't work.

She was running around and jumping on the furniture and ate some of her food so I felt like she was ok. She snuggled in my lap and acted ok for the rest of the evening so I wasn't too worried, but was just exhausted from all the adrenaline and fear!

We both slept pretty well. I got a little worried when she rolled over in bed this morning and was making some pitiful little yelping noises until I realized she was snoring! She didn't really get up when I did so I was a little worried, but once I got her up and we went outside, she was perfectly fine! She has been acting like herself ever since.

I think the whole thing just scared her and knocked the wind out of her. It scared me too! I know she's a dog, but she is special to me. She is my sweet, furry baby. I love her very much and don't want anything bad to happen to her!


  1. Oh no - that is scary! I'm glad she's ok!! Before Addi, I treated our cat like my baby. She's not the nicest cat in the world, but for some reason I still love her :)

  2. I would of been terrified too. My dogs are my furbabies and I freak out any time something happens to them! You did the right thing! Just keep an eye on her for a few days. I hope she continues to do well!