Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.20

In honor of the fact that my anniversary was Sunday, I figured I'd write about my favorite things about marriage.

Sharing a bed - No, not in the biblical sense. I just love rolling over and seeing him asleep beside me or feeling the way he snuggles with me. It's more wonderful than I ever could have imagined.

Doing nothing - I love being able to spend a whole day with Jeff doing absolutely nothing. Whether it's riding around town or sitting at home, it's fantastic.

Sharing dinner - I love getting to pick off his plate or slide him things I don't want. I love having someone to share an order of onion rings and I even love when he steals my coke.

Learning new things - I love having someone in my life who can teach me new things. Whether it's about an area of town I'm not familiar or about cars and power tools. It's great having someone who is so different and can always tell me something I didn't know.

Imagining our future - I love being able to talk about our future. Sometimes it's where we want to go on vacation next summer and sometimes it's what we would like to do when we retire. Often it's somewhere in between - children and big trips and our next vehicles. It's great to have someone I can bounce ideas off of and hear what he's thinking.

Traveling together - Whether it's a cruise or a trip to the lake or just a night away from home. It's always more fun to have someone to talk to in the car and share the adventure and the memories.

Now it's your turn to tell me - if you're married, what is your favorite thing about marriage? If you're not married, what do you love about NOT being married?


  1. I love... oh. wait. funny though.. I love all of those things about levon.

  2. If you're picking out of Levon's dog bowl, we might need to have a chat!

  3. I love all the same things about not being married - but mainly I love having someone to come home to.

    I also love it when he can finish my sentence and mine his. :)

    What do I love about NOT being married? Well, the way we live, nothing would change if we WERE married so not being married doesn't make one ounce of difference - except that I'd get a better surname if we were!