Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.18

I always have TV on, but I rarely ever actually watch it. Most of the time it is simply background noise. However, I do have a few shows that I really love. These are in no particular order, I'd pretty much watch any of them any time!

Pawn Stars - This show has two things I really love: history and hilarious family dynamics. It's also fun to see the junk that people bring in thinking it's worth a zillion dollars and it's just old junk!

Supernanny - I really do love Jo Frost. I want to be like her when I grow up! I watch this show for the same reason I watch cooking shows or Jeff watches home improvement shows - I love to learn things. And even though most of the techniques are the same in many episodes, I love to see how they are nuanced for each situation. Plus, when I can guess which technique will be used and how to implement it, I feel smart. I think it will ultimately make me better equipped to be a parent!

Top Chef - If I get really into a season, I'm addicted. Even if I'm not addicted, I love it. Not to the point that I would actually buy the seasons, but I will watch any of them whenever they come on! It also helps that I've only seen maybe two full seasons so the chances are pretty good I'll catch something I haven't seen before.

True Beauty - This is the first show I ever watched start to finish, HAD to see every single week, and then went back and watched it online at least one more time during the week. I just loved the idea that some rather obnoxious people had to find out the hard way that there is more to beauty than simply being pretty. The only thing I hated was that Joel lasted as long as he did. He was just good looking enough to get through the physical tests but not quite obnoxious enough to get himself into trouble. Oh well, I couldn't have been more thrilled that Julia won. I am excited about the coming second season!

Golden Girls - Yup, as old as it is, it's absolutely hilarious and I love it. I can just about quote all of the episodes. Still, they never fail to entertain me. I also love that Jeff enjoys them and we can quote them to one another.

Grey's Anatomy - it took me several years before I jumped on the bandwagon with the rest of the world, but now I am so hooked. Just when I think I'm about to the point where I can walk away and not care so much, it sucks me back in again!

What TV shows do you love? Which ones can you not stand?

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  1. We LOVE Pawn Stars! That and Operation Repo are the only shows we watch together! I mainly DVR everything I want to watch and just watch it later. Oh and I love me some Golden Girls - Sophia is my fav!