Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was going to save this for a "favorite things" entry, but this find is too stinking spectacular to keep to myself or to be hidden in with a bunch of other freebies or iTunes downloads.

Lit2Go is probably one of my favorite computer finds I have ever made. It is apparently a project of the University of South Florida to make audio versions of classic works of literature available for free. Do you hear me? FREE!

I have downloaded lots today. Not everything they have to offer, but lots. Mostly poems, children's stories, a few rhymes, and a speech or two. I've got my eye on a few longer books for my next car trip.

I know there are lots of literary purists who think audiobooks don't count as books, and I agree that there is nothing quite as satisfying as reading a good story for yourself. But the next best thing is to hear the story read. And maybe it's a result of my childhood, but I still like having stories read to me. The first thing I listened to was one of the Beatrix Potter stories and as I listened to the voice of the reader telling me this story I had almost forgotten, I almost started to cry. It was wonderful!

No, not everything you could ever want is available. In fact, not even all my favorites are available. But all in all, it is a great resource.

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