Monday, May 17, 2010

Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit

We finally have an honest-to-goodness vegetable garden growing in our back yard. Currently, we have a few different kinds of tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, bell peppers, pickling cucumbers, radishes, carrots, green onions, and pole beans in our raised beds along with watermelon and some kind of squash (we think pumpkins) that are off to the side.

Some of the tomatoes were acquired from Jeff's step-dad and his attempt at growing things in his new greenhouse. Unfortunately, he didn't install a fan and did several things wrong and fried most of his plants so we had to supplement with some purchased plants. The same is true of the peppers. The watermelon and pumpkins(?) came from the greenhouse. We are a little skeptical of the pumpkins true identity because they weren't terribly well marked and Jeff swears the leaves look different. I'm just now getting to where I can tell the general plant families apart!

The cucumbers and pole beans came straight from Lowes. I want to try my hand at making pickles this year and Jeff wants the beans (so I may be canning beans, too!) I also have visions of salsa swimming through my head. I may try to slip in a jalapeno plant, but we'll have to wait and see how our other hot peppers do.

The radishes, carrots, and green onions are seeds so very little is visible so far. I don't really have any plans for them at this point. We'll have to wait and see how they do.

Our garden is going to be a constant work in progress. We are hopeful about adding a "fruit cocktail" tree, a thornless blackberry bush, strawberries, and maybe some other things. I really want a lemon tree but that is still being debated.

As for the patio garden, it is doing well. I have a very healthy bunch of rosemary, thyme, cilantro, basil, and mint. I still want to add sage, tarragon, chives, dill, and maybe some lavender. I'm going to need some more pots...

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