Monday, September 27, 2010

The Coolest Piece of Furniture EVER!

It's called a "Hobby Station" and it's made by Hooker Furniture. Have you ever seen something so nifty? Ok, so I'm a crafting goober. I can't help it that I'm easily amused by things that facilitate my addiction. We are in the process of choosing furniture for our unfinished basement room (once it is finished, of course!) We have been arguing and debating over what should go where. Jeff wanted to put in cabinets and a counter so I could have a little crafting corner. I appreciate the thought, but I'm funny about the space and access I need to work on things. Most of the time I have to be able to sprawl, and I usually end up sitting the floor now. If I'm going to work at a table or counter, I have to be able to get up under it so I can get right on top of whatever project is in front of me! Since we were going to put cabinets under the counter, that wasn't an option so I politely declined a craft counter. (Ok, so I might have screamed that it was worthless to me and I didn't want it. Let's just go with this "polite" delusion.) And then we found THIS! And it is the best of both worlds because it has all the wonderful storage space and slide outs for the printer *cough-cricut-cough* and lost of drawers, sections, and other lovely additions for all my little goodies.

In addition to the greatness of the hobby station, we found the perfect cabinet/bookshelf combo. You can see it here. We want two of these to go on either side of the doorway. We also need some kind of entertainment center, and being a little nuts like I am, it will probably match the bookshelves.

Our other furniture will probably include a leather sleeper sofa and a recliner. Jeff wants a swivel rocking recliner, but we'll have to wait and see what our budget allows and what we can find that we actually like.

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