Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Final Week of "Freedom"

This was my final week of "freedom" for a year. I had all sorts of big intentions of doing grand things to take advantage of it, but it simply didn't happen that way. I was at least semi-productive!

Sunday after church we went to visitation at the funeral home and then had lunch with Jeff's mother and grandparents. Jeff washed the cars while Papa and I took a nap!

Monday I stayed in bed most of the day. I didn't feel good. I enjoyed being lazy.

Tuesday I pretty much finished up my Christmas shopping, picked up some things for the church from Cokesbury, and had lunch with my mother-in-law. We tried a new Mexican place that wasn't nearly as good as our old standard, but it seems our old standard has closed. It makes me sad.

Wednesday I went to a meeting at church and hauled in several boxes of "stuff" for the Fall Festival, watched Top Chef, and cooked dinner that we didn't even sit down to eat together.

Thursday I did all the laundry, picked 33 peppers from the garden, watched a marathon of Kitchen Nightmares followed by Grey's Anatomy, and cooked another dinner that only got picked at. I'm about to go on a cooking strike.

Friday I got gas, went to the bank, did the grocery shopping, got an external hard drive and cleaned off my computer, wrapped more Christmas presents, met some of Jeff's friends for dinner, went over to see some other friends and taught them to play chicken foot dominos.

Saturday I slept while Jeff went to get the oil changed and a belt replaced on my car, put my new audio book on my iPod, applied for health, vision, and dental insurance, went to Belk and got some tights to go with a cute new dress (and got extremely miffed at the lack of customer service!), went to Harbor Freight so Jeff could give me some ideas for Christmas gifts, had dinner at Golden Rule where they were out of baked potatoes (how does that happen on a Saturday night when it wasn't even 6pm yet?!?), and wrapped a few more gifts that came in the mail.

What I DIDN'T do this week - I didn't make the bed. At all. Ever. Even when I didn't spend all day in it. I figured that would be my little bit of rebellion.

I haven't gotten to the point of being so nervous I get angry. It's almost entertaining (as long as you are not the recipient of my angry letters!) I have started the pacing, so I have to be doing something I deem productive. I've been making lots of lists and playing with my calendar. Todays "to-d0" list includes packing my lunch for tomorrow and figuring out what the heck to make for dinner tomorrow night (it may be leftovers since we have two dinners we haven't eaten from this week!)

So here's to my last day before I become a Chaplain Resident!

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  1. I only have one question:
    How can you go through the day knowing your bed is unmade?!?!

    Good luck and ENJOY :)