Monday, September 13, 2010

Last Hoorah

Tomorrow I am leaving for Gulf Shores for my "last hoorah" before CPE. This will be my third trip to the beach in as many months. Crazy! This will also be the longest of the trips. I am leaving tomorrow evening and staying until Friday.

I really don't have a ton planned. We will be staying someplace different this time, so if I want to see the beach I actually have to walk across to it, but I suppose that will be good for me. I have a few fun books read, may watch a few movies I've been wanting to see, try to do a little Christmas shopping at the outlets (yes I have already started), spend some quality time with the family, and go eat at the Original Oyster House. So help me I am going to figure out what is in those stinking cheese grits to make them so good!

The one thing I'm not looking forward to is going by myself. Jeff won't be able to come with me, so I will have to drive down alone AND drive his grandparents back. I'm not sure which is making me more nervous. I know that I am going to take some "me time" and do exactly what I want to do. This will probably include stopping at Peach Park. And Priesters.

I think it's true that you don't know what you've got until it's gone, but you also don't know how much you have missed something until you return. I never realized how much I missed spending time at the beach until we came back this year. Even last year, going to Tybee Island, it wasn't the same as "my" beach at Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. I have enjoyed coming back more than I ever thought possible. Best of all, if I can make it home from this trip without much of a sunburn it will be a new personal best!

The availability of internet access is questionable at this time. Jeff's grandmother called and said they don't have wireless, but I'm wondering if they have it in common areas, just not in the individual units. We will have to wait and see. Even if I can't get online with my computer, I will have my trusty phone, and I have several good things scheduled for this week, so keep reading!
Have a happy week! And if your jealousy gets the best of you, come on down and see me! We can hang out!

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