Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Five - Baby Showers

Today's Friday Five talks about baby showers, which is sort of odd for me since I have a bad case of the baby bug, but am not ready to do anything about it anytime soon. For some reason, that knowledge only serves to feed my OCD and my need to plan and prepare, so in addition to the usual daydreams about names and nursery decorations, and cute matching outfits, I have also done a lot of very specific dreaming about what I would like my baby shower to be like!

What were baby showers like for you and your friends in the past? - Although none of my close friends have had children yet, I have attended plenty of baby showers from the time I was very young. Most of the baby showers I have been to have been pretty sedate - lots of disposable diapers, tiny clothes that aren't especially practical (this is especially true for baby girls!), cute little finger foods, and plenty of cooing and giggling.

Did you play games? What kinds? - I have actually never been to a baby shower where we played games. I've seen or heard of games like putting the melted candy bar in the diaper or tasting the baby food or baby gift bingo but I'm not terribly fond of any of them and I'd really prefer to never have to participate in any of them!

In your job, especially if you are a pastor, do you get invited to a lot of baby showers? What do you do about them? - I have only had one church-related baby shower so far and it was on a Sunday evening immediately following service. I am pretty much of the opinion that what you do for one you should do for all, so if I were in a church where I might invited to go to several and I knew I couldn't attend some of them, I wouldn't go to any. I would probably try to send a card or something.

Are baby showers different for our daughters (or younger friends) than they were for us? - Obviously this isn't something I can answer because I AM one of the younger ones! What I know of the showers for my mother and my husband's mother, I don't expect mine to be much different.

Do you like hosting baby showers or do you avoid that responsibility? - I generally like hosting almost anything, but a lot depends on who you are hosting for and who you are hosting with. I generally feel like having more than maybe two people host something like this, things get too complicated. If I can just hunker down and run with it, I love it. If I have to try and coordinate with six or eight other people, I'd rather avoid it.

Bonus: Any silliness about baby showers you wish to contribute? - Nothing that would benefit anyone.

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  1. It's nice to know someone who likes to host parties! I am much older than you, and I so appreciate someone younger who enjoys socializing more than I have. I hope things work out.