Saturday, September 18, 2010

Original Oyster House - Gulf Shores, AL

The Original Oyster House is a place that was always a staple with my family on trips to Gulf Shores. It was nice to discover that the same is true of Jeff's family! In fact, on extended trips, it was not uncommon for either my family or his to go more than once!
Although the name implies that Oysters are their specialty, they are known for doing all their seafood very well. And although I'm not a huge seafood fan, I do really enjoy their crab claws. I have also tried the Butter Pecan Mahi, which was surprisingly good. But even more than that, I love it for something totally unrelated - the cheese grits! They are hot and creamy and satisfying and absolutely beckon me even when it is a million degrees outside!

As far as the atmosphere is concerned, it's a pretty typical beach place, with pictures of fish and fishing paraphernalia all over the walls. Still, it's fun and personal. The service is usually very warm and friendly, although I have encountered a few servers who seemed to be easily irked with us "late lunchers". I have a little message for those servers: I'm sorry we have the nerve to come and enjoy a meal when we don't have to wait an hour and can hear ourselves think! Rest assured, your tip will reflect your desired "quiet time".

One of my all-time favorite things about dining here is the gift shop! Sure, they have the typical t-shirts and shot glasses, but they also have lots cute boutiquey things (which will, admittedly, appeal more to girls than guys) and although there is generally a "beachy" theme to a lot of what they have to offer, there's lots of cute gifts. At one point several of us stared for at least 10 minutes at a toy puppy dog that was rolling in the floor laughing. I have no idea why that amused us so much, but it did!

Go check it out the next time you're down for a visit, and let me know what you think!

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