Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.37

These are a few of my favorite projects I currently have in the works. If there is something you are particularly interested in, let me know and I will make sure I come back and give some more details.

Christmas Shopping - I love buying gifts for the people I love. I can't get started on Christmas early enough and it's so incredibly rewarding to watch the stack of wrapped gifts growing. Plus it's nice to be able to finish early and actually enjoy the holidays. Stay tuned because a little closer to the holiday season, I'll be sharing some of my favorite gift ideas!

Vacation Planning - I know I'm a little bit nuts, but having something to look forward to seems to make all the weeks that run together so much more bearable! This is especially true since I'm still navigating the setting of personal and professional boundaries and working around the lack of traditional "weekends". I have two tentative getaways in the works right now (and will probably only end up getting to take one of them!) but in the meantime it gives me something to plan and prepare!

Worship Planning - knowing that my life is quickly speeding toward scheduling madness, I'm trying to get a jump start on planning as much of my worship "stuff" as I can for the next several months. This includes (but is not limited to) World Communion Sunday, All Saints, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas Cantata, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Children's program. I already have most of my scriptures chosen, sermons outlined, and hymns chosen from now until the end of the year. I'd say I'm doing pretty well!

Knitting a scarf - In the process of cleaning out, I found all my old craft supplies, including my knitting looms and yarn. I've decided to try and knit one of those "magic scarves." We'll see how well that goes! No matter what, I'll end up with a scarf, I'm just not sure exactly what it will look like! Stay tuned!

What have you got going on in your life? Share a few of your works in progress. I'm always looking for inspiration!

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  1. OK I'll comment....

    For me:

    Christmas shopping SUCKS. Will do anything to avoid it. It will be done online this year. I shop only for my parents; possibly my sisters this year as they now have jobs (before, we agreed that as they were flat broke, we'd mutually agree to give each other nothing).

    In fact, my "Christmas List" in recent years has been passed on with the instruction "don't buy any of this; I'll buy it all in the sales after Christmas and you can pay the bill". It comes in at less than 50% of the pre-Christmas cost and I still get what I want.

    Vacation Planning: possibly even more obsessive than you! Trying to find flights to Orlando in April 2011 for under $500 return but so far having no luck. I blame the volcano. You know if ever you make it here, you have free accommodation. We live in a BEAUTIFUL part of the country (where most Brits like to holiday!).

    Worship planning: pass, but lesson planning EATS MY LIFE. I love it though :)

    Knitting: not so much, but I do occasionally cross-stitch. But only Disney Characters.

    Work in progress: building up my collection of Yankee Candles (increasingly available here); watching every single X-Files episode (we got them ALL on sale for $80 some time last year); learning to cook (really can't be bothered).

    I wish I had free time. You will miss it :(