Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.38

I figured that in honor of my first week of CPE, I should post some of my favorite things about UAB hospital. You can expect to see more favorite things (and perhaps some not-so-favorite things) about CPE in the weeks and months to come

The Helipad - I got to go up and hang out on the helipad on top of the hospital. Not that I have any experience on any other helipad to compare it to, but it was an absolutely beautiful view of the city and a neat place to gain some perspective on the whole of the medical center. Definitely a great experience. I'm sorry the picture is so small and crummy, but google search "UAB helipad" and you should be able to see the bigger version. Obviously I was there in the daytime so this wasn't exactly what my view looked like, but you have to admit it's pretty stinking cool!

The walking path - As part of the whole "get healthy and stay healthy" initiative of the hospital (and probably also due to the fact that most of the people who work in the hospital practically live in it!) there is a good sized walking trail through all the main concourses and is designated by signs. It's a really nice thing to have. What's even nicer is seeing people taking advantage of it. It's encouraging.

The options - Because the hospital is a large campus and has the population of a small city, there are options for everything. Very few things are uniform or limited. Really, I think that's great. Variety is what keeps things interesting. And no matter what you want, the chances are pretty good that you can find something that, if it won't thrill you, will at least satisfy a need for the time being! That's a very nice thing to know.

The Meditation Garden - It's a very unexpected thing to look in the center of a building and see a garden in a little courtyard, but it's a really nice space. I have a feeling that when I need a little quiet time during the day I will probably go have a picnic out there at lunch!

McAlister's Deli - It's a good thing it's a bit of a haul for me to get over there. Otherwise this could be very bad. But it's a magnificent (and very tasty) kind of bad!

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