Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zoe's Kitchen

I have had food from Zoe's Kitchen in the past at various events, but had never actually eaten in the restaurant until recently. I was actually a little apprehensive about it. I'd looked at the menu and wasn't sure there was anything that jumped out as looking great, but nothing I had ever tried was bad so I figured I could find something I would like.

I met a friend, Ashley, at the Summit location at 11:30 on a Wednesday. I figured it wouldn't be too busy that early, but I was very wrong! I was early so I walked inside and it was immediately overwhelming. The line to order at the counter was nuts, and it was almost impossible to walk around! I decided it would be better to wait outside rather than in the middle of all that!

When Ashley arrived, we went inside and the craziness had vanished, which was pretty impressive. We ordered our lunches, got our drinks, and found a table. I got the greek chicken pita and she got the club pita. We both got rice pilaf as a side. Our food came pretty quickly and we both had the same response - start digging the lettuce out! I had ordered my pita without tomato because, based on the picture on the website, I figured the lettuce would be easier to remove. I know, I'm strange that way. Well, I was wrong. The lettuce was lots of tiny pieces rather than a big leaf, and a pain to try and dig out. I didn't feel too bad because Ashley did the same thing!

As for the sandwich itself, it was pretty good. The chicken was cooked well and seasoned well. The caramelized onions were good, although a few were a little tough. I thought there was a little too much feta, but that was more of a personal preference because I know some people can't get enough of it. The biggest disappointment was the actual pita. It was really dry and as a result, the whole thing fell apart on me! We didn't get knives so cutting it up to eat it wasn't an option. One thing I didn't try was the house dressing. There was a bottle on every table and I saw several people with takeout orders stopping to open their orders and add a little (and one or two even buying bottles!) so I'm guessing it was probably pretty good!

The rice pilaf was excellent! I really loved it and could have eaten a ton of it! I would definitely go back just for that.

One thing that seemed a little "off" to me was the use of styrofoam. I don't know why I was so shocked and disappointed to see our sides in giant foam cups, but I was. I'm still trying to process that part of it. The general atmosphere was nice. Even though it was busy, it wasn't so loud that you couldn't have a great conversation. The service was friendly and prompt and it was a nice lunch place. I do understand why I have heard it described as "girl food" but that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Overall, it was nice. I'm curious about some of the family dinners and the chocolate cake so if you've tried either of those, let me know what you think!

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  1. They have good chicken salad, but I always get the grilled pimento cheese sandwich! And the rice is my fav too!